Car Stuck

Why the new forum?

So, you’re already in the stuck community and know about the existing forum, StuckWorld. Why join this forum instead?

To put it simply… StuckWorld is in a maintenance state and I do not believe it accurately represents the total population of people with our fetish. Let me explain.

StuckWorld came about a long time ago. It was the epitome of car stuck fetish content. But that has changed. People like myself in the younger generation aren’t too interested in those classic bulletin board style websites. StuckWorld is not known about outside of the community at all… hell it doesn’t even come up in initial google searches for our fetish (for me at least).

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Chris or StuckWorld as it is. It has served us well. But, what this fetish needs is a good community. A good foundation to create a community that will prosper and grow. And that’s where this forum comes into the picture.

Using more modern forum software (Discourse) at an easier domain name I feel that this is the place where those who are not yet in the stuck community can meet and talk. And, we can always welcome those previous members from websites like StuckWorld as well.

I will add more ramblings as they come to me.